An intuitive product, with a nice range of features. -

With this tool, you can literally run tens of employees with ease. -

We like that ShiftPlanning doesn't keep your data behind it's walled garden. -

You'll love ShiftPlanning for a million reasons. Here are a few.

ShiftPlanning is workforce management for the 21st century. Our easy to use online application is centralized meaning that it's always up to date and everyone has access to the most up to date information.

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Incredibly Easy to Use

We've designed a clean, dynamic interface that uses intuitive drag and drop actions. We even make updates in real-time so you're never stuck looking for the 'save' button.

Baked right into the Application is our helpful 'Wizard Guide', and our 24/7 support team is never more than a click away.

Free Account Setup

ShiftPlanning is the ultimate in state-of-the art employee scheduling technology that is guaranteed to save you tons of time, but if you're too busy, or concerned with the time involved in making the switch, we get it. We're here to help.

You'll be a scheduling wizard in no time!

You have full access to a customer care representative that is available for 1-on-1 training and for assistance. They can take calls, answer e-mails and even setup screencasts with you to make sure that you are ready to make the most of our application. (Did we mention that it's free?)

Integrated with Apps you love

Nobody likes to enter in data twice. ShiftPlanning allows you to easily import/export data, as well as integration with popular third party applications to empower things like Single-Sign On and easy provisioning of employee accounts.

We also have a powerful Data API.

Available anywhere you have an internet connection

Access our online employee scheduling software on the go from any mobile or tablet device. We have apps specifically formatted for all the major mobile devices.

Find us on: iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, WAP devices

Sleep peacefully at night. Your data is safe with us.

ShiftPlanning uses the latest web technologies to deliver both an intuitive online application while at the same time adhering to strict security standards to ensure your data is secure and accessible 24/7.

We've taken measures at every level to ensure that your data is safe & users are protected. For more information please see our full privacy policy and below for a complete list of security features.

SSL Security

256bit encryption between your computer and our servers. No one can snoop in on data during transit.


We perform daily backups to multiple offsite locations, and are setup so that data can be restored within minutes.

User Passwords

Passwords are encrypted with SHA1 encryption algorithm. They are never stored in a human readable format.

Data Center

State of the art data center, monitored 24/7/365 to ensure that our servers are always safe, and your data always available.

Automatic Timeout

Ensures that user accounts are safe even if a user leaves the computer with their account still logged in.

Download Your Data

To give you complete peace of mind, you can download your own account data at anytime.

Make ShiftPlanning your own.

ShiftPlanning allows you to add your logo, have a custom url, and even quickly embed the ShiftPlanning app into your existing website or intranet.

We understand that no two businesses are the same so we've made sure our application is ready to handle all types of businesses and feature settings can be turned on and off quickly to customize the app to the needs of your business and industry.

Powerful Features

While we've kept things easy-to-use, we haven't spared on features. ShiftPlanning is a robust workforce management application that will allow you to streamline your business processes from the moment an employee is hired, scheduled, first clocks in to work, and receives their paycheck. (Our application can even help with training, and team-building.)

Take the Tour to learn more about individual modules & features.


Eliminate scheduling conflicts and control overtime.

Time Clock

Online Time Clock Software accurately tracks employee hours.


Powerful reporting gives you insight into your business performance.


Process staff payroll online with the simple click of a button.


Improve staff communication and employee job satisfaction.

File Sharing

A centralized location for sharing files with your staff.

Easy to Use

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