Volunteer Scheduling Software for Non-Profit Organizations


How ShiftPlanning Helps Your Non-Profit Organization

    Improve Efficiency

  • Save time

    Handle all aspects of volunteer staff scheduling with one customizable tool.

  • 24/7 Access

    Access all staff data and schedules from any computer at any time.

  • Intelligent automation

    Fully automated shift scheduling for all regular staff and even special events.

    Better Volunteer Retention

  • Easy tracking of staff preferences

    Automatically schedule around individual shift preferences.

  • Better communication

    Volunteers receive automatic SMS text or email notifications when schedules come out.

  • Volunteer staff autonomy

    Staff can arrange shift swaps electronically among themselves without manager involvement.

    Streamline Operations

  • Smart planning

    Easily project staffing needs for certain events and projects so you always have just the right amount of staff for the job.

  • Reduce human error

    Automatically account for inevitable small scheduling errors and resolve them immediately with no disruption.

  • Reduce administrative duties

    Greatly reduce time spent on scheduling, allowing coordinators and managers to focus on higher level operations.

Volunteer scheduling software helps simplify one of the most daunting tasks the staff coordinator of a non-profit organization faces. Whether your organization has three volunteers, or 300, you know the issues associated with scheduling, monitoring, and communicating with volunteers. Even in the best of situations, a volunteer coordinator’s job can be exhausting.

ShiftPlanning volunteer scheduling software can help you stop wasting time and money.

ShiftPlanning provides a powerful, comprehensive solution to your volunteer scheduling responsibilities. This all-in-one, fully customizable tool can automate and streamline every aspect of volunteer labor management, saving you heartache and money.

Let ShiftPlanning help you work smarter, so you have more free time to focus on your organization’s mission and goals. Try a free trial version of ShiftPlanning today and start transforming the way you manage your volunteer workforce.


ShiftPlanning Volunteer Scheduling Software has helped other non-profits and we can help yours too.

California Wildlife Center

Since 1998 the California Wildlife Center is a non-profit organization that operates a wildlife rehabilitation facility. We provide care and medical treatment to over 3,400 injured, sick and orphaned wild animals every year (over 25,000 animals since inception).
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Ronald McDonald House Charities

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Morgantown, WV is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation established to provide families, with critically ill children receiving medical services in the local area, a home like environment where the families can stay at no cost to them.
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Team Expansion

Team Expansion connects churches and individuals with the vision, coaching, resources, and tools to accelerate the fulfillment of make the Bible and its message available to people all over the world.
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The Beamon Home

The Beaman Home shelter is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a jail ministry, an outreach ministry, a help center, and a basic needs center.
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