Staff Scheduling Software for Transportation Companies


How ShiftPlanning Helps Your Transportation Company

    Saves Time

  • Efficiency improves

    when the right person is scheduled for the job.

  • Spend less time on scheduling tasks

    and make fewer scheduling mistakes.

  • Automates

    many otherwise time-consuming tasks.

    Improves Employee Morale

  • Enables workers

    to manage their own shift trades.

  • Integrates shift bidding

    and employee scheduling.

  • Send schedule reminders

    through SMS messaging.

    Makes Compliance Easier

  • Provides better information

    through up-to-date reports.

  • Ensures that rules are met

    for overtime equalization.

  • Predicts passenger volumes

    to help you determine staffing levels.

As a staff scheduler in the transportation industry, you face many challenges. Every time you build a schedule there are union requirements, legal requirements, and employee requests to consider. The scheduling process can be time-consuming and costly.

Fortunately, there are ways to make the complex task of scheduling workers easier.

ShiftPlanning is one of those ways. With ShiftPlanning you can manage your labor force more easily and improve your operation saving time and money in the process

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We've helped other businesses and we can help your transportation company.

New Orleans Aviation Board

In the mid 1930's, it became apparent to the City of New Orleans that the municipal airport was no longer large enough to service the City's growing air transportation needs. An Aviation Division of the Department of Public Property of the City of New Orleans was formed to coordinate with the Civil Aviation Authority to establish a New Orleans Airport.
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Oisterwijk Express

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Savoury Chef Foods Catering Company

Savoury Chef Foods began in 2005 as a personal chef agency that quickly grew into a full service catering business. They’ve catered events for famous politicians, presidents, Hollywood elite, and expertly handled food service at the weddings of many happy couples in Vancouver, BC.
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What our customers have to say

    • From reducing or staff to spending less time on the phones, we saw the savings almost immediately. Knowing that the right people show up at the right place to provide our quality service gives us an ease of mind that is much needed in our fast-paced hospitality industry.

      Taryn Wa - Savoury Chef

ShiftPlanning in action

  • Transportation companies deal with a host of unique challenges in managing employee scheduling demands. Whether you are tasked with planning shift schedules for airlines, railways or public transportation companies, ShiftPlanning employee scheduling software can streamline what can easily be considered an overwhelming process.

    When it comes to staff scheduling within the transportation industry, ShiftPlanning automates the vast array of union requirements and collective bargaining agreement statutes while streamlining the scheduling process to an easily managed one that reduces or eliminates margins of error.


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