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Online Time Clock Software & Biometric Time Clock

ShiftPlanning’s web-based time clock software gets rid of the need for expensive stand-alone equipment while streamlining the process of time sheet management allowing you to take your employee work data directly to payroll.

Simplify the Process of Tracking Employee
Time & Attendance

No Expensive Hardware Needed

Our simple online time clock software eliminates the hassle of expensive, stand-alone hardware. Instead, web-based Time Clock terminals let managers control where employees clock in/out from by setting up specific time clock locations.

Staff Can Clock On The Go

ShiftPlanning’s mobile applications allow non-office employees to clock in from the field. Furthermore, managers can use GPS tracking to verify clock location.

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Eliminate Buddy Clocking

Worried about buddy clocking? Let our webcam biometric system ease your concern. ShiftPlanning takes a snapshot photo at clock-in/clock-out, verifying that the appropriate staff are clocking in and on time.

Get A Lens Into Staff Activity

Performance management just got easier with ShiftPlanning’s screenshot monitoring system. Check on employee activity by overseeing their work on electronic devices.

Improve Employee Clock Behavior

With our Time Clock working alongside our scheduler you can set rules around clocking to encourage punctuality and enhance Time Clock-related communications with notes and reminders.

View Who Is Clocked In

With ShiftPlanning, you always know who is currently clocked in, where they are clocked in from & what they’re working on.

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Track Tardiness And Absences

Keep track of employee time and attendance with our integrated time clocking and schedule software. ShiftPlanning has built-in reporting to let you easily track who is coming in late and/or who is missing shifts.

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An Unrivaled Variety of Time & Attendance Features and Tools

Who’s Clocked In Now

ShiftPlanning is web-based allowing you to easily view who is currently clocked in, where they clocked in from & what they’re working on.

Biometric Online Time Clocking

Using any webcam you can instantly setup a biometric device that will take a photo at each clock in/out. This helps to eliminate buddy-clocking, keeping costs down while at the same time making clocking in and out ‘fun’.

Timeclock Location

From our web-based time clock software you can control where employees clock in/out from by setting up locations that can be tied to an IP address or individual computer(s).

Timeclock Terminals

With our online time clock software you can setup individual terminals which are a simplified interfaces that allow employees to clock in/out much faster. Works with touch-screens as well!

Time Card Calculator – Track Absences / Employee Performance

With time card calculator and integrated scheduling you can easily track employee performance and absences with our web-based time clock software.

Time Sheet Software Management

Easily manage web-based employee time sheets online anytime, anywhere. Quickly filter through time sheets and pull online time-sheet reports.

Integrated Scheduling

With our powerful integrated employee scheduling software you can take full advantage of controlling clock times, tracking absences, manage overtime and more.

IP Address Time Clocking

On every Time Clock we store the IP address to help eliminate buddy-clocking and improve management.

Mobile Time Clocking

Using virtually any mobile device, our upcoming mobile app, will allow employees to clock in and out of work from anywhere.

Time Sheet Import

Use our Time Sheet Calculator and import your existing time sheets in both .csv and .xls format to easily have them added to the ShiftPlanning employee time clock software.

Customizable web-based Time Clock Software Settings

ShiftPlanning gives you complete control to customize clock time rounding rules, lock clocking to certain locations, even to auto-clock out users when their shifts are over.

API Access

Full time clock implementation in our Data API which will allow easy 3rd party access to our employee online time clock software, and facilitate integration with apps you already use.

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