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ShiftPlanning offers flexible billing rates for large businesses as well as a multi-location platform for businesses that operate multiple locations. Get Started→

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Top 10 Ways ShiftPlanning can help you!

    • Save up to 80% time spent creating schedules!
    • Give employees access to work schedules anytime anywhere!
    • Schedule smarter by knowing the most current and accurate data
    • Get rid of the need for expensive time clocking equipment
    • Send staff notifications by email and SMS
    • Pull detailed organized reports to send to payroll
    • Open communication with your staff
    • Easily manage vacation requests and approvals
    • Automatically track schedule conflicts
    • Make workforce management easy, cost effective, and fun!

Loved around the World by Thousands

ShiftPlanning is a proven online employee scheduling software and workforce management software solution that is trusted by businesses and employees in industries of all kinds in over 60 countries around the world.

Taryn Wa • 55 Staff • Savoury Chef Foods

"With a winning positive attitude, and a great framework that is constantly being updated with new features, ShiftPlanning is definitely the ultimate shift scheduling software available."

gold award

"ShiftPlanning combines all the best tools and capabilities of employee scheduling software, making an ideal product for your business...cutting-edge online features and ideal scheduling capabilities."

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After the free trial you'll have the option to enter your billing details; all of your account data will remain intact so you won't have to re-enter anything!

Will my employees like ShiftPlanning??

They'll love it! In fact employees like us so much that they're even recommending us to their managers!

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