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The Humanity Wizard can help you create shifts in the ShiftPlanning scheduler

Create Your Schedule Auto-Magically

Schedule smarter and faster with our effective & powerful yet easy-to-use schedule maker. Auto-magically create conflict-free schedules, copy shifts, import schedules and more.

A Collaborative Employee Scheduler

Let employees set availability and handle trade management. Managers are saving up to 80% of the time previously spent scheduling by sharing scheduling responsibilities.

Most Easy-To-Use Schedule Maker

Whether you’re dragging an employee onto a shift, or moving a shift to a new date – everything in our software is visual & interactive, which means you’ll spend less time managing the schedule and more time on your business.

Real Time Updates & Budgeting

Our employee scheduler updates in real time, meaning that you’ll never spend time looking for the save button. We’ll even show you in real time where you are over and under staffed on an hourly, daily or weekly period!

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Always accessible, to everyone

Keep up-to-date even on the go with ShiftPlanning’s mobile and tablet applications – with support for all major devices including iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry & Android tablets and smartphones.

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Say Goodbye To Late Arrivals

Eliminate schedule-related attendance excuses. 24/7 access to schedules and shift changes combined with SMS and email reminders give employees less chance to misread or forget shifts.

Eliminate Schedule Conflicts

Avoid schedule conflicts with up-to-date staff availability information and immediately see and correct any conflicts due to overlapping shifts, overtime, and unavailability to name a few.

Multiple Views

ShiftPlanning’s employee schedule maker allows you to view the schedule how you want. Select from multiple views including daily, weekly, and monthly in visual, list, or graphical formats.

Locations & Positions

Built-in location and position structures allow the flexibility to setup your account just the way you need. Whether you have different departments or locations or a single position, ShiftPlanning can be customized for your needs.

Screenshot of shift views in Humanity's ShiftPlanning scheduler

Sync Your Calendar & Take It Everywhere

Keep up-to-date even on the go. ShiftPlanning can be synced with third party applications such as Google Calendar, iCal, and Outlook.

Loved around the World by Thousands

Everything is included for no extra charge

Automatic Scheduling

Automatically create conflict free employee schedules in seconds using the Schedule Wizard. Once the wizard finishes you have the opportunity to review & make any necessary changes before publishing.

Unlimited Schedules

Easily create different employee schedules with different settings for each work team within your organization. (You can create as many as you want)

Multiple Employee Schedulers

Have more than one person in your business that manages the scheduling? No problem – with ShiftPlanning you can grant individual employees access to whichever schedules you need.

Draft/Publish Schedules

ShiftPlanning provides the ability to create schedules in a draft mode making them unavailable to your staff. Publish the schedules with a click of the mouse, and we’ll take care of tracking any changes, and notifying affected employees.

Schedule Smarter

ShiftPlanning’s online schedule maker allows you to schedule smarter by letting you work with the most current and accurate data. Know who is available, who is on overtime, who are your top employees, who is on vacation and more.

Open Scheduling

ShiftPlanning allows you to create open shifts by specifying the number of employees you need to work. Your employees can then login and pick and choose the dates that they want to work!

Drag / Drop Interface

Everything in our work schedule software is visual & interactive, which means that you’ll spend more time on your business and less time on your computer.

Calendar Sync

ShiftPlanning supports Calendar Sync to all major calendar clients. That means having your work schedule alongside your other appointments and events in Outlook, iCal, Google Calendar and more.

Vacation System

With the built in Vacation System in our online schedule maker, employees can request time off. Once a manager has accepted that time off, it will save in the system so that the employee can’t be booked by mistake.

Shift Trades

Put your employees in control of finding someone to cover for them when they can’t work. You have the ability to approve both before they make the request and after another employee is found.


Sms & E-mail Notifications on events such as: shift trades, vacation requests, new messages and upcoming shifts.

Multiple Locations/Divisions

Built-in multiple location/division support means that you can setup your account just the way you need within one location and multiple. We even provide maps to shift locations; one less reason for your staff to show-up late!

Copy Schedules forward

Using our online schedule maker you have the ability to copy schedules forward, both with & without employees means that you can setup schedules in minutes, not hours.

Schedule Conflicts

ShiftPlanning’s Schedule Conflict system is working in real time to ensure that you don’t post a schedule with conflicts. We take into consideration: employee availability, vacation requests, over-time hours, and more.

Multiple Views

View the schedule how you like. You have the option to view it monthly, weekly, daily or four-days at a time.

Overnight Shifts

Does your business have hours that run around-the-clock? ShiftPlanning’s work schedule software handles this with ease.

Shift Confirmations

Confirm whether your employees showed up. Did they come in late? Did they leave early? Tracking  these variables allows you to efficiently keep track of employee performance as well as build accurate reports for accounting.

Print Schedules

ShiftPlanning allows you to quickly print beautiful hard copies of your schedules handy for posting at work and other offline use. We print in multiple formats with lots of customizable settings that can even be exported to .pdf, .csv and .xls.

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