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Schedule Your Store’s Staff In No Time

Retail Staff Scheduling

ShiftPlanning Makes Managing Retail Employees Easy

Make Scheduling Hassle-Free

Retail staff scheduling has never been easier. Create weekly shifts online in minutes so that you and your employees always know who is working when.

No More Late Arrivals

We enable you to automatically send reminders to employees for each shift they are working via email and SMS and keep track of their attendance and time clock behavior easily.

Decrease Your Workload

Make your retail staff scheduling more collaborative. Allow your employees to request shift trades among themselves to save yourself time and streamline the entire scheduling process.

You’re Never Short-Handed

Our app immediately recognizes when you have left shifts uncovered or overbooked them, allowing you to create perfect schedules every time. Human error leading to over or understaffed shifts becomes a thing of the past.

Better Reporting

Create incredibly clean attendance reports and mistake-free timesheets every time. Make taking your employee work data to payroll a walk in the park.

Focus on What’s Important

Significantly decrease the time your retail staff scheduling process takes each week and spend more time growing your business and managing your store.

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Let ShiftPlanning Help You

Being a small business owner isn’t easy. Running an independent retail store can be especially tiring. Retail staff scheduling is just a small part of the big picture. You have to worry about hiring the right people, keeping track of your inventory, paying the bills, and the list goes on.

If you are still using primitive methods to schedule your staff, you’re wasting a lot of time that you could be using to focus on more important issues. That’s why using a retail staff scheduling solution like ShiftPlanning could do wonders for your store.

Decrease the time it takes you to schedule your staff by nearly 80 percent by using an intuitive, cloud-based solution. Make shift trades less of a headache, easily track and analyze employee attendance, decrease absenteeism and tardiness, and more.

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