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ShiftPlanning Makes Managing Your Staff a Piece of Cake

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Save Time and Money

Better restaurant staff scheduling in less time. Take minutes instead of hours to create conflict-free, always accurate work schedules for your staff.

Curb Absenteeism

Your staff get email and SMS notifications whenever a schedule is released or changed. ShiftPlanning also sends shift reminders so they never miss a beat.

Boost Morale

Keep staff in the loop and make your restaurant staff scheduling process cooperative. Give your staff the freedom to set work preferences and request shift trades and vacation days independently.

Avoid Being Understaffed

Incredibly intuitive, ShiftPlanning immediately notifies you of any and all open shifts and conflicts, so you’ll never be short-handed or overstaffed again.

Keep Your Books Clean

Export detailed, immaculate timesheets and attendance reports in record time. Get payroll data ready for processing in minutes.

Regain Your Focus

Spend less time managing your staff and more time doing what you love. Put the focus back on serving great food and keeping your customers smiling.

Running your own restaurant is no easy task. There’s so much to do. Developing a menu, getting your name out, bookkeeping, inventory, keeping customers happy – it’s much more than just preparing delicious food. Scheduling your staff properly is another big part of being a good restaurant manager.

And if you are still using paper and pencil or spreadsheets for restaurant staff scheduling, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

That’s why you need ShiftPlanning. Create your staff schedules in minutes instead of hours, always know what staff members are available to work, make shift trades and swaps easy to do, avoid being understaffed, monitor employee attendance behavior, get everyone coming to work and leaving on time, create perfect timesheets for payroll, and so much more.

All with one, all-powerful restaurant staff scheduling solution – Shiftplanning.

Scheduling staff for your restaurant requires the ability to achieve a balance between meeting the needs of your customers and the needs of your employees every day. Your restaurant’s employee scheduling management software must be a powerful management tool designed to streamline the process and free up your restaurant’s managers and supervisors to spend less time scheduling and more time attending to the business of running a restaurant.

People everywhere love to go to restaurants, whether it’s for fast food, pizza, or a sizzling steak dinner. Restaurants compete for customers every day, and adequate staff scheduling is critical to providing the kind of quality customer service that brings people to your establishment and keeps them coming back. ShiftPlanning’s scheduling software provides the customizable platform you need to match forecasted dining room numbers with adequate serving and kitchen staff.

Depending on the size, many restaurants operate with various management levels. The average restaurant staff is comprised of the owner, manager, franchise/branch managers (where applicable,) marketing manager, sales, online order and delivery agents, kitchen, wait staff and customer support specialists.

Meeting the unique restaurant scheduling management demands of any restaurant can be daunting. Restaurant scheduling managers need to plan for every single shift to be covered by a host of staff of varying skill levels and job descriptions.

Staff supervisors must assign team members to various shifts in different areas of responsibility: seating clientele, taking and delivering the order, preparing the order, keeping the kitchen clean, clearing tables, and more. A well-run dining room can require the skills of dozens of staff at once, and scheduling them all efficiently is perhaps one of the biggest challenges faced by supervisors and managers.

ShiftPlanning’s online restaurant scheduling management software

ShiftPlanning’s powerful online scheduling and management software combine so many amazing cost-cutting and time saving features, it has caught the attention of some of the world’s biggest and most renown restaurants.

ShiftPlanning’s staff portal offers remote access for staff members to access and view their work schedules, request shift changes, swap shifts, review time cards, change availability and receive daily schedule alerts via text messages or email.

ShiftPlanning is designed to handle an unlimited number of employees to cover every position and every shift. Every staff member is notified of their schedule electronically, and can access their schedule online from any computer, leaving no room for error. Supervisors can easily schedule their shift teams and notify them without worrying about tracking down phone numbers or requiring employees to come in on off hours to collect their schedules. ShiftPlanning has made restaurant staff scheduling easy and efficient.

ShiftPlanning addresses the special demands of restaurant scheduling with:

  • – Automated shift scheduling for every employee in every capacity.
  • – Streamlined employee rotations.
  • – Streamlined vacation scheduling.
  • – Incorporated overtime and regulatory rules.
  • – ShiftPlanning is used in the Restaurant business in multiple ways:
  • – Sets up a separate schedule for trainees.
  • – Easily creates separate schedules for every sector.
  • – Gives individual schedule management to team or shift leaders.
  • – Allows sector managers to oversee and control the shift trades, vacations, open shifts, etc.
  • – SMS notification system makes scheduling fast and easy.


  • – Improve customer service by keeping adequate staff working at all times.
  • – End unnecessary overtime costs.
  • – Reduce employee turnover by scheduling around each staff member’s individual shift preferences.
  • – Reduce unauthorized absences.
  • – Comply with Health & Safety laws through scheduling.

ShiftPlanning allows you to manage your dining room staff and kitchen staff simultaneously, crucial to maximizing the standards of operation in your business.

Managers can remotely check on individual employees while they are clocked in, and monitor daily, weekly, and monthly attendance trends and labor costs through the ShiftPlanning website, smart phones and Facebook.

ShiftPlanning is a total restaurant management software for the restaurant and hospitality industry, offering a seamless and intuitive approach to employee scheduling, attendance, time and payroll reports.


Click here to find out more about what ShiftPlanning can do for your business. Since the custom set-up is free, you have nothing to lose except your old, costly scheduling process.

We've helped eateries around the globe with their restaurant staff scheduling, let us help you too.

“Absolutely, I will recommend ShiftPlanning to others, and I would tell them the robustness of their system, how simple it is to use, how easy it is to use.” Jennifer Hessrick - Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

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