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Easy Payroll Processing

ShiftPlanning’s web-based time clock software gets rid of the need for expensive stand-alone equipment while streamlining the process of time sheet management allowing you to take your employee work data directly to payroll.

Take Your Timesheets Directly to Payroll

Integrated with 3rd Party Payroll Favorites

With a single click, managers can export data in a ready-to-use format and upload straight to 3rd party payroll providers.

Take Control of Overtime

Is your staff overtime out of hand? Input overtime rules at the staff, position, or account level, assign rate cards with specified differentials, and automatically account for unpaid break deductions with our flexible payroll reporting system.

A full screen desktop view of the Humanity's workforce management platform's payroll module

Up-to-Date Reporting

Get payroll related data in realtime. ShiftPlanning’s system allows managers to pull just the data they need when they need it.

Get Improved Visibility into Costs

Easily review and summarize payroll with the click of a button. You can filter by date, location, position and employee while viewing scheduled or Time Clock-related data.

An Unrivaled Variety of Time & Attendance Features and Tools

Real Time Reports

Pulling reports on your schedule and employee data is a breeze. Simply select a report type, and then you can quickly filter the data by schedule and by timeline.

Print & Export

ShiftPlanning allows you to easily print or export any report to .csv file which can be taken to online payroll processing software.

Rate Cards

ShiftPlanning has a robust Rate Card feature that allows you to customize employee rates by overtime, time of day, position and tons more!


Using the optional Attendance Confirmation tools, ShiftPlanning allows you to accurately use the data for accounting and in small business payroll processing software.

Single-Click Export to Payroll

With a single click you can easily export your data into 3rd party payroll providers such as ADP, Paychex, Quickbooks, Ceridian, Wells Fargo, and many more.

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