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Newsletter #5
February 11th, 2011


365 Days of ShiftPlanning!

Our first birthday is a testament as to just how fast time is moving. We’ve worked hard over the past year to continue to deliver upon our promise to be the number one – online workforce management software. It’s been an exciting year for all of us as we’ve seen our product go through various revisions and expand from scheduling into staff communication and time-clocking.

Building upon the momentum from the past year, the next year is going to be even better! To bring you along for the ride, our first announcement is an invitation to join our development team on the..


Road Map

Since we started out a year ago, we’ve been listening attentively to our customers in order to prioritize our development time-line to your meet your needs. Although you’ve been able to suggest and discuss feature requests in our forums through-out this time, we felt there was a big opportunity being lost to work even more closely with you, and also to open up more transparency & communication between your organization and ours. Our Road Map helps to bridge this gap by allowing you to:

Vote for Requests
You can now vote for requests by either clicking on the vote button next to the request on the Road-Map page, or by starring the topic within the forum.See what we’ve finished
Quickly filter feature requests to see those that we’ve recently finished. We do our best to update via blog/newsletter for major feature requests, but this list will be updated in real-time and be more more concise.See what’s on the way
At any given time you can browse to the road-map and see what features that we’re currently working on. There is also the ability to sort requests by popularity so you’ll have a great idea of what features will be up next!

Looking forward

Over the next year you’re going to see ShiftPlanning evolve into a mature & international workforce management platform. Alongside our Road Map here are a few of the major developments that you can expect from our team over the next 6-12 months:


International Platform
Full support for businesses with staff in non-English speaking countries. Including: Currency, Language, Date, Time-zoneMulti-Location Support
Support for businesses with operations in multiple locations as well as improved support (with mapping) for businesses that have shifts at different locations.Integrated Payroll
Improving upon our existing reporting, you’ll have full data portability to your favorite Payroll Applications. This will include: Breaks, Vacation, Over-Time. Don’t forget to let us know which Payroll provider your company is using.

Improved Mobile Support & 3rd party integration
Alongside our mobile web-app our native applications for BlackBerry, Android & iPhone are on the way. Over the course of the year you’ll see the functionality of these apps increased as well as more 3rd party integration with apps that your business is already using.

From all of us at ShiftPlanning, it’s my pleasure to thank-you for your continued support and business. It’s a pleasure for all of us to work alongside so many incredible organizations.I would like to remind you that my direct line is open at any time for comments, suggestions, or just to say “Hello”. Your suggestions and constructive criticism go along way to help us to continue to provide you with the best possible service.Kind Regards,

Ryan Fyfe

ShiftPlanning Inc.
skype: ryanpaulfyfe

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