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Newsletter #3
November 10th, 2010

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We’re excited to announce two major features released today as well as a ton of small incremental improvements to our existing platform. Before we get into the announcement, we would like to say a big thank-you to everyone who has been actively involved with our business through your idea’s and feedback. ShiftPlanning has incredibly supportive clients, and we look forward to continuing to work alongside your business.

Time Clocking / Time Sheets

We’ve been talking about time clocking for a while, and are happy to finally release our integrated online time clocking module. There is still tons more to come in terms of integration and features; but like always – we wanted to launch fast to get it into your hands so your feedback can help guide our development. Here is a brief overview of the main features available:

Clock in/out from anywhere or from individual locations only
ShiftPlanning allows time clocking to happen from any computer, and coming soon from any mobile phone. We also have built in support to lock time-clocking to specified computers / i.p. addresses for further control.

Prevent Buddy Clocking
With built-in support to work with any web camera – ShiftPlanning can snap photos of your employees at each clock in/out. This serves an affordable biometric device, and effectively eliminates buddy-clocking.

Who’s on Now
We’ve always had the ability to show you “Who’s on now” based on the schedule data. But with schedule data alone we can only really show you “who is scheduled now”. With the integration of time-clock data we can now show you who is ACTUALLY working alongside who is scheduled.

Time Sheet Import
Quickly export time sheets into ShiftPlanning using our .csv or .xls importer.

For more information you can view the complete features list or the tutorials for getting started guides.

Data API – Developers Wanted =)

Our data API is online and has already been adopted by several clients who are using the API to integrate their ShiftPlanning data into applications and tools they already use. We are currently working to add even more functionality as well as releasing Software Development Kits (SDK) for all major programming languages to speed up your development time.

API Documentation
Developer Forums

Incremental Updates / Fixes
This major release includes a number of incremental updates and fixes.

Auto-Approve Shifts
Employee requests to pick-up shifts can now be automatically approved with-out the need for management action.

Drop Shifts
Employees can be given permission to drop-shifts. This in combination with the automatic shift approval allow for true hands off scheduling for management, and allow employees to have greater control over their own schedules.

Manually Activate Users
Management can now easily activate user accounts and setup passwords for them from within the Staff Management.

Search Bar Calendar Navigation
Easily navigate to any date in your calendar by simply searching for the date. You can also use English, for example: today, Next Monday,etc.

Shift Notes in Notifications
Shift Notes now go out in e-mail notifications alongside the date/time of the shift.

What’s Coming Next
We have tons of great stuff coming around the corner and I would like to share with you a quick preview of what we’re working on:

Mobile Versions
Dedicated iPhone, Android and Blackberry apps as well as a mobile friendly version of our application is in development.

Event/Project Management
Improved support for event/project scheduling/management for organizations that schedule different shifts at different locations, and need to budget/forecast – project by project, event by event.

Improved Payroll Support
Direct export to multiple payroll applications as well as more support for customizable: wage, salary, break, and overtime. Want to make sure your payroll application is included, Click Here.

Multiple Location/Timezone support
Improved support for businesses that operate with multiple locations, and that have staff in different time-zones.

Have a suggestion?
Do you have an idea for how we can improve our current service. We would love to hear from you; in fact we have a dedicated forum specifically for this reason =)

It’s been an exciting month! My line is always open if you have questions, comments, concerns.

Thanks for reading; Keep Shifting!

Ryan Fyfe

ShiftPlanning Inc.
skype: ryanpaulfyfe


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