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Newsletter #2
September 23rd, 2010

It’s been a busy month since we last sent an update. We’ve been at it again and are pleased to update you with tons of new features, which include several highly requested feature requests. The full update is below, as well as a way to receive a month of ShiftPlanning service, on the house:

Submit a case study and receive one month of free service!
We love hearing from our clients about how ShiftPlanning’s services are working within the different industries that use it. Tell us about your experience with our 24/7 services, and we’ll give you a month free! For more information and to get started please follow this link:

What’s new at ShiftPlanning – We’ve been busy
This morning we released an exciting version of our application which includes tons of new functionality and fixes. Here is a brief overview of what’s new:

Break Handling
Custom break rules can now be setup for shift – lunch and break times. These rules are completely customizable and can be set differently for each position in your business. Full Details

Update Recurring Shifts
Shifts that are set to recur can now be edited as a group. With the options: to update all future, update all, and reset to original – including shift times, employees, notes. Full Details

New Permission Level *Important
To help break out the management and visibility of certain actions within ShiftPlanning we’ve added a new permissions level called ‘Supervisor’ as well as updated how the existing ‘scheduler’ group works. This is an important update that we recommend everyone look over. Full Details

Search Shift Notes
Press space to access the search bar and instantly search for shifts by using the ‘Notes’. Select the shift you want and we’ll take you right to that shift in the Schedule.

Disable Notifications on Schedules
Notifications can now be turned off on a schedule by schedule basis as needed by Management & Supervisors. Full Details

Updated Notifications Module *Fix
Several users were experiencing problems with inconsistent notifications for shifts. We’ve implemented a fix that will resolve this issue. Thanks to everyone for their patience and for helping us find the problem!

Google Apps Integration
ShiftPlanning is now listed in the Google Apps Marketplace and provides Google Apps customers with tons of integration benefits. Full Details

What’s Coming Next
We have tons of great stuff coming around the corner and I would like to share with you a quick preview of what we’re working on:

Data API
We’re working hard on our Data API which will empower easy read/write access to all Data within ShiftPlanning. Our API will allow us to connect with even more 3rd party software as well as allow more developers to create custom apps using information from within ShiftPlanning.

Mobile Versions
Dedicated iPhone and Blackberry apps as well as a mobile friendly version of our application is in development.

ShiftPlanning Time-Clocking will work as a stand-alone time clock as well as a complimentary module to our Scheduling application.

Have a suggestion?
Do you have an idea for how we can improve our current service. We would love to hear from you; in fact we have a dedicated forum specifically for this reason =)


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