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Newsletter 1
August 25th, 2010

Free Account Setup
Still wanting to try out ShiftPlanning but haven’t had a chance to setup your account yet? We’re now offering free account setup; Getting started is as easy as sending us your current schedule or a list of your staff & shifts. For more information please follow this link:

Price & Trial Period Changes *Important Notice
Before we say anything on this topic, I want everyone to know that any changes made to our price model & trial will only affect new accounts. All accounts that have signed up already will be grandfathered in on the terms that existed when they joined.

This means that you’ll continue to receive the same great service for the same low price and won’t be affected by any future trial/price changes. If you have any questions or concerns about this process don’t hesitate to contact me personally at: or 281-973-6030.

What’s new at ShiftPlanning – We’ve been busy
This morning we released an exciting version of our application which includes tons of new functionality and fixes. Here is a brief overview of what’s new:

Schedule Import – Getting started and keeping online/offline schedules in sync is now easier than ever with our new schedule import tool. We accept files in both .xls and .csv in a number of different layouts to accommodate as many formats as possible. The import tool is the fastest way to add schedule & employee names as well as employee shift times. Full Details

Employee Import – Employees can now be added instantly from Facebook, and from an e-mail address book such as Hotmail, Gmail, etc.

Custom Employee Fields – You can now easily add custom fields to your employee profiles to store any type of information that you want. Examples include: T-Shirt sizes, emergency contact details, license information, Employee ID number,etc. Full Details

Disable Shift Confirmations – Several accounts have chosen not to use the shift confirmation feature, so we’ve added a simple toggle in Admin->Settings to turn this feature off altogether.

Getting Started Guides – We’ve added ‘getting started’ guides for ‘schedules’ & ‘staff’. These are a mini overlay with information to help you get started quickly as well as handy links to find more support & our livechat (which btw is online 24/7)

Paypal Integration – We’ve chosen to use Paypal as our payment processor and have made it easy to both setup recurring billing as well as pay for single or multiple months in advance.

New Login Design – Cleaner/Smarter and includes your personal logo when you access from your custom url. Try it out:

What’s Coming Next
We have tons of great stuff coming around the corner and I would like to share with you a quick preview of what we’re working on:

Google Apps Integration – We’re in the final stages of testing our Google Apps integration which will be a big plus to all users already using Google Apps. Our integration will allow for single sign-on, as well as document sharing and easy account setup between your Google Apps users and your ShiftPlanning account.

Data API – We’re working hard on our Data API which will empower easy read/write access to all Data within ShiftPlanning. Our API will allow us to connect with even more 3rd party software as well as allow more developers to create custom apps using information from within ShiftPlanning.

Mobile Versions – Dedicated iPhone and Blackberry apps as well as a mobile friendly version of our application is in development.

Thanks for your continued support; It’s been an exciting few months! My line is always open if you have questions, comments, concerns. Thanks for reading; Hope you have a great week!


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