Medical Scheduling Software


How ShiftPlanning Helps Your Medical Practice

    Better Patient Care

  • Always have the right number of workers

    scheduled with the right skills.

  • Separate

    medical staff schedules by department.

  • Be prepared

    with patient volume predictions.

    Save Time

  • Take less time to schedule

    your medical staff due to ease of use and automation.

  • Accommodate compressed workweeks

    and rotating shift schedules by customizing the schedules.

  • Easily schedule

    vacations and shift swaps with available personnel.

    Save Money

  • Cut back on overtime costs

    by reducing staff over scheduling.

  • Reduce human errors

    in payroll processing that cost you money.

  • Your staff works more efficiently

    when you schedule the right people for each shift.

Medical management is a complex field with many demands, but the most important concern is patient care. Unfortunately, developing a useful and accurate schedule for all of your medical staff can be time-consuming and costly. Good medical scheduling software is hard to find.

Scheduling errors, shift swaps, and absent team members can leave your medical facility understaffed. That means patient care suffers. At the same time, you don't want to absorb the extra expense of overtime for your hourly employees if you don't need to.

ShiftPlanning has developed an excellent staff scheduling package that meets your medical scheduling needs perfectly. With ShiftPlanning, you'll spend less time coming up with schedules and more time on patient care.

Would you like to experience the StaffPlanning difference in your medical practice? Sign up for a free trial today.


We've helped other medical organizations and we can help you too

Yale University School of Medicine - Department of Emergency Medicine

This facility recruits patients for multiple research studies from the Emergency Department at Yale University. They operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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Lafayette Veterinary Care Center

Lafayette Veterinary Care Center has been open since the mid-sixties and have been a long-time staple for pet care in our area. Our team now includes veterinarians, managers, assistants, bathers, groomers, receptionists, etc.
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Department of Critical Care Medicine in Pittsburgh

In 2002, the Department of Critical Care Medicine (CCM) began a Clinical Trials Program (CTP) to coordinate all trials within the Department.
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Wardenburg Health Center

Wardenburg Health Center is the public health division of the university health center since 1988. Our mission is to educate students about health issues that have an impact on persistence and completion in school.
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What our customers have to say

ShiftPlanning in action

  • The very nature of medical staff scheduling demands the utmost efficiency when it comes to managing scheduling for staff and physicians at medical offices, hospitals, home health services, medical centers and other medical care facilities.

    While some medical facilities focus exclusively on certain types of medical care, others deal with ad hoc emergencies as part of their normal operations. Some medical practices and institutions engage in community awareness and prevention programs to help educate the public on various medical concerns, and all of these activities have their own scheduling demands.


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