Staff Scheduling for Franchise Owners and Manager


How ShiftPlanning Helps Your Franchise

    Save Time

  • Take less time to schedule and manage staff

    due to automation and ease of use.

  • Department managers can oversee scheduling functions

    such as shift trades, vacations, and open shifts.

  • Helps you comply with overtime rules

    and other regulations.

    Reduce Costs

  • Avoid understaffing or overstaffing

    Schedule the right number of employees.

  • End unnecessary overtime costs and

    see actual time worked-- down to the minute.

  • Reduce payroll errors

    that cost you money.

    Improve Communication

  • Employees can easily request shifts or swaps

    so employees are happier.

  • Automatically

    send text and email reminders so no one forgets to come in.

  • Easy for workers

    to request time off, shift swaps, and other schedule changes.

It takes a lot of work to run a successful franchise. You need to make sure that there are always enough crew members working to meet your customer's needs and still oversee the day-to-day operations of your shop or restaurant.

Scheduling can take a lot of your time, especially since you may also have to consider the needs of part-time or seasonal employees. Yet, your schedules must be right. Scheduling too many employees or accidentally scheduling an employee for too much overtime can cost you money. Not scheduling enough workers can mean lost business.

ShiftPlanning can help your franchise run smoothly. You'll save time and money with the automated features. Don't just take our word for it, though. Sign up for a free trial version today and learn how your business can benefit from ShiftPlanning.


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What our customers have to say

ShiftPlanning in action

  • Scheduling staff for your franchise requires the ability to achieve a balance between meeting the needs of your customers and the needs of your employees every day. Your franchise's employee scheduling program must be a powerful management tool designed to streamline the process and free up your managers and supervisors to spend less time scheduling and more time attending to the business of running a business.

    People everywhere love to go to franchise restaurants and other franchise businesses because of the standard that they can count on at any location. Still, franchises compete for customers every day and adequate staff scheduling is critical to providing the kind of quality customer service that brings people to your establishment and keeps them coming back. ShiftPlanning scheduling software provides the customizable platform you need to match forecasted customer numbers with adequate staff.


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