Topic: Upcoming Shifts and Recent Shifts

From the tab 'Dashboard' 'Upcoming Shifts' will show on the right side.

ShiftPlanning's staff 'Profiles' contain 'Upcoming' and 'Recent Shifts' similar to those found on the 'Dashboard'. From the tab 'Staff' -> click on a staff member -> 'Upcoming Shifts and Recent Shifts' to the right hand side. This feature gives you the ability to view their recent and upcoming shifts for the next ten shifts in the future or ten in the past.

Along with shift times, you can also use the 'Details' button to change 'Availability' or request shift trades for the particular
shift time.

How can I tell if my staff has viewed their schedule?

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Re: Upcoming Shifts and Recent Shifts

This all looks so great and easy

Re: Upcoming Shifts and Recent Shifts