Topic: Schedule Settings

To find the global 'Schedule Settings':

Go to: the tab 'Admin' -> and under 'Account' -> 'Settings' -> 'Schedule Settings'

Users with 'Manager' permissions have control over what staff can take action on and view within ShiftPlanning accounts. This includes the ability to limit the shifts that staff can see as well as the ability to require shift trade approvals and open shift approvals.

Sort by Address
Under the tab 'Admin -> Remote Sites' it will sort 'Currents Sites' by the 'Site Address'.



Show Locations In Shifts
Here you can set to show the 'Location' in bold on the shifts, if available in the view mode you are in.

Start Day   
This is the start of the calendar week, as well as the start day for the overtime and payroll periods.
Start Day

Use the Draft/Publish schedule method
If this is unchecked, your schedules are always immediately visible to your staff. If this is checked, you will need to publish your schedules manually when you are ready for them to see them.
Publish Schedules

Use the shift approval feature
If this option is checked, you approve shifts after they have happened for accurate attendance and payroll data. Once approved the shift information will go into the rest of the system.
Shift Approvals

Employees can view shifts in advance from the current date.
Here 'Managers' can designate how far in the future schedules are published. This allows managers to create and edit schedules at their leisure without having to worry about staff having access to all of the future shifts.

Show costing data in the scheduler
Here you can control the visibility of real-time costing data that is visible in the scheduler.

Employees can trade shifts
Here you can allow staff the ability to put their shifts up for trade or not.
Shift Trades

Employees can release shifts
Here you can allow your workforce to release their shifts and potentially complete a full two-way shift swap with another employee.
Shift Trades

Allow Same Day Trades
Here you can 'Allow same day trades' with this 'Schedule Setting'. This way staff can trade shifts with those already working the same day.

Manager must confirm shift trades before requests are sent to other employees
Here you can confirm shift trade requests before they reach potential staff that can accept them or you can have them automatically approved.

Manager must confirm shift trades after another employee requests to pick it up
Here you can confirm if the final shift trade will be accepted before the shift is actually swapped or you can have them automatically accepted.

Employees can view all schedules
Here you can allow, or not, all staff to view all the schedules on your account in a read only fashion.

Employees can view schedules they are scheduled on
Here you can allow staff to view the entire schedules for 'Positions' that they're scheduled on. If unchecked they will not be able to view the entire schedules for 'Positions' that they're scheduled on.

Employees see co-workers on shifts
Here you can allow staff to see co-workers, otherwise they will see just their own shifts.

Employees can drop shifts
Here you can allow staff to remove themselves from shifts without approval, otherwise they will not be able to remove themselves.

Employee requests to pick-up open shifts are automatically approved
Here staff requests to pick-up open shifts are automatically approved. If unchecked then they will need approval first.
Open Shifts

Enable employees to pick up shifts that will put them into overtime.
If checked staff can pick up open shifts regardless of their overtime.

Employees cannot be scheduled on shifts within X time of each other
Here you can restrict the minimum time required between shifts.

Employees can be scheduled on shifts that start right after another ends
This disregards the minimum time between shifts setting if a shift starts right after another one ends.

Maximum Working Days In A Row
Here is the global setting for the maximum working days in a row from 1 to 30 at a time and the 'Unlimited' or off setting.
Maximm Working Days In A Row

Show 12am as midnight
This will show 12am on a shift as midnight.

OnCall Management
It will allow placing employees On Call

Employee can see co-workers vacations
This setting will add option in scheduler for vacation overview visible to employees.

Show employee skills in the scheduler *new
Employee's skills will be displayed under the name in Employee visualization under the schedule tab.

How do I make a staff schedule available online?

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