Workforce Management Software for EMS Scheduling


How ShiftPlanning Helps With Your EMS Scheduling Responsibilities

    Efficient Daily Operation

  • Save time.

    Handle all aspects of EMS scheduling with one tool.

  • Team separation.

    Easily create separate schedules for each team and for trainees

  • Greater workforce control.

    Automatically tracks and enforces consecutive work hour limitations.

    Smart Scheduling

  • Automated.

    Automatically schedule workforce rotations across the agency.

  • 24/7 access.

    Access all employee information and documents from any computer, at any time.

  • Keep adequate staff on hand.

    Ensure enough qualified staff members are in the right place at the right time.

    Improved Morale

  • Electronic notification.

    Staff receives SMS text notifications about scheduling and shifts.

  • Greater staff autonomy.

    Allow staff ability to request schedule changes electronically.

  • Staff empowerment.

    Allow staff to manage and swap shifts electronically without involving management.

EMS scheduling presents a challenge for emergency service organizations. Perhaps more than any other industry, the EMS sector requires the utmost efficiency when it comes to managing workforce. Whether your organization focuses only on certain types of emergencies, or deal with ad hoc emergency situations, it’s critical that you have the right staff on hand all the time.

ShiftPlanning can take the headache and worry out of daily EMS scheduling.

ShiftPlanning is a comprehensive integrated workforce management tool that can transform the responsibility of EMS scheduling. Whether you schedule paramedic, fire, police, or other emergency response organizations you need powerful and flexible EMS scheduling software that adapts to every jurisdictional demand. Best of all, you can try a free trial version of ShiftPlanning today and stop wasting time and money with your outdated EMS scheduling approach.


Shiftplanning has helped other agencies with EMS scheduling and we can help yours.

Temple University EMS

Temple University EMS was started by Paul Grodziak, Val Rakita and Zachary Reichenbach in 2005. The Temple University Police Department was very receptive of the proposition of an on- campus EMS program and was eager to hear more.
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The Department of Critical Care Medicine

The department uses Shiftplanning to manage the scheduling for Clinical Trials Research Assistants working for the Multidisciplinary Acute Care Research Organization at the University of Pittsburgh.
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Second Alarmers Association and Rescue Squad

During a hot July in 1938, fire struck Moyer Lumber Yard at Old York and Davisville Roads in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania. On February 22, 1938, a meeting was held to form this organization.
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Windham County Sheriff’s Department

Sheriff’s Departments in general date back as far as the 1300s, serving the King of England. In Vermont, records show some Sheriff’s Departments starting as early as the 1700s.
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What our customers have to say

ShiftPlanning in action

  • The very nature of workforce scheduling challenges in the Emergency Services sector demands the utmost efficiency when it comes to managing ShiftPlanning and scheduling among the agencies that ensure public safety.

    While some Emergency Service organizations focus exclusively on certain types of emergencies, others deal with ad hoc emergencies as part of their normal work responsibilities. Some agencies that handle emergency services engage in community awareness and prevention programs to help the public detect an emergency and report it effectively to the proper authorities.


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