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ShiftPlanning’s Desktop Application

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Desktop Employee Scheduling Aplication Software

ShiftPlanning's desktop employee scheduling application incorporates all of the functionality of our web-based application allowing you to take care of all of your workforce management needs right from within the application without the need to ever open a web-browser.

Our Desktop application is available for Windows, Mac and Linux for - Managers, Schedulers and Employees. The best part about the employee scheduling desktop app is that it's 100% free!

Download Schedule Software For Managers & Schedulers

Our desktop application opens up the majority of our desktop platform to the iPhone mobile device. Among other actions Managers and Schedulers can:

  • View and Manage Schedules - Including creating and editing Shifts
  • View and Manage Staff - Including adding and editing employees
  • Communicate - Using the message wall as well as send messages to employees or to entire departments
  • Edit Settings and Update Business details

Desktop Application For Employees and there needs

Our download schedule software is a powerful tool to make sure that employees always have access to the latest scheduling data as well as allowing them to:

  • View Schedules - Quickly find out when they work
  • Pick-Up Shifts - Check for & Pick-up available Shifts
  • View Staff Message Board & Private Messages
  • Clock in & Out and view time-sheets
  • Edit Profile Settings

System Requirements

  • Internet Connection
  • One of the following operating systems:
    • Windows XP SP3+
    • Windows 7
    • Apple Mac OSX 10.6.X (Snow Leopard)
    • Apple Mac OSX 10.7 (Lion)
    • Ubuntu Linux 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx)

ShiftPlanning Mobile Version

As well as our download schedule software & web versions ShiftPlanning is also available from any web-enabled mobile device. This means that you have access to employee scheduling, time clocking, and workforce management software from anywhere, at any time!

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