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Loved Around the World by Thousands

ShiftPlanning is the number one choice for organizations around the world to manage their workforces. But don’t take our word for it, listen to our customers and see the impact that we’re having across many different types of organizations all around the world.

"I love Shiftplanning"

Karen Lidberg

Four Winds Coffee & tea

“ShiftPlanning simplifies the scheduling process.”

Dustin Bennett

5 Guys Centerville

“It's working great for us.”


Wasabi Group

“With ShiftPlanning it's much easier to manage availabilities and day off requests. “

Chris Hannah

Trees Organic Coffee

“A wonderful solution.”

Darlynne Overbaugh

Life's So Sweet Chocolates

“ShiftPlanning is definitely the ultimate shift scheduling software available.”

Taryn Wa

Savoury Chef Foods

"We are really enjoying the service."

Bradley Green

Auburn University

"I love its versatility and ease of use."

Becky Moffett

Beloit College Museums

"The system has already greatly improved our tracking."

James Mallinson

HB Studio

"ShiftPlanning has helped us organize our workforce."


Jersey City Food

"ShiftPlanning team is awesome. Keep up the good work."

Matthew Santiago

Temple University EMS

"Gathering availability is now easier than ever."

Taryn Wa

Scott Leeman

"A flexible schedule management system."

Joshua P. Manfredo

University of Rhode Island

"Scheduling so much easier, I would definitely recommend ShiftPlanning to others."

Matthew Naftilan

Yale University School of Medicine

"It has made it easier to manage scheduling."

Frances Chu

Western University of Health Sciences

"ShiftPlanning makes it easy"

Mike Taylor

Flagstaff Music Festival

"ShiftPlanning helps keep people accountable."

Rikki Bower

Community Coaching Center

"Helpful and responsive."

Clive Oatley

West Gippsland Regional Library

"OMG, ShiftPlanning has made it possible to do scheduling."

Lee Scriggins

Wardenburg Health Center

"We have saved time."

Christie Pagel

University of Michigan Medical School

"ShiftPlanning lets us see the forest AND the trees."

Doug Lucas

Team Expansion

"We are impressed."

Suzanne Philen

Mercer Island Thrift Shop

"I think everyone finds the schedule much easier now."


In Play Inc.


Scott Finger

First Defense Legal Aid

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