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Who should use ShiftPlanning?

ShiftPlanning is perfect for any business that needs to manage employees or volunteers. Here are some example industries where ShiftPlanning is already deployed: retail, restaurants, call centers, hotels, hospitals, public services, volunteers and more!

Is ShiftPlanning hard to setup?

No; It's so easy, it's fun! You'll have your account up and running in minutes thanks to our schedule and staff import tools that will save you from manually typing in all that information again.

Is the free trial limited?

No; Our free trial is full featured so that you can try out the full thing for yourself! We don't have 'packages' or 'levels' either. Just one application that does everything you need.

Does ShiftPlanning work with other applications?

Yes! ShiftPlanning integrates effortlessly with applications that your business and staff are already using. For example: Google Apps, Microsoft Excel, E-mail, Facebook and more.

Do I need to download anything?

No. ShiftPlanning is web-based software, which means that all you need is a web browser and an internet connection! We support all modern browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple's Safari and Internet Explorer 7+.

Is my data safe with ShiftPlanning?

Completely! We've taken measures at every level to ensure that our data is safe and our users are protected. We provide 256 bit encryption, advanced password hashing techniques, hourly back-ups and more.

Will my employees like ShiftPlanning?

They'll love it! In fact, employees like us so much that they're even recommending us to their managers! Employees love the ability to login whenever and check schedules, pick-up open shifts, make shift trades, book vacation time and more.

Can I import/export my data?

Yes, whenever you want! We provide options for data import/export in .csv & .xlsx format on our website, and are working hard on an API that will allow ShiftPlanning to work effortlessly with other applications your business is already using.


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