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Seriously Fast Scheduling

Quick and incredibly efficient clothing retail staff scheduling is here. Spend less time to keep your store running like clockwork with ShiftPlanning.

Curb Tardiness and Absenteeism

Advanced time and attendance features allow you to see when your employees clock in and out of shifts. Reminders are sent before each shift automatically so they never forget to come in.

Get Help from Employees

Take some of the clothing retail staff scheduling burden off your shoulders by getting employees involved. Staff can request shift trades and vacation time on their own.

Mistake Free Shifts Every Time

Stop using error prone clothing retail staff scheduling methods like spreadsheets. ShiftPlanning makes it impossible for you to schedule conflicts or be under or overstaffed at any time.

Easy and Clean Reporting

Not only will you create schedules faster, you’ll also take that data to payroll quicker. Our advanced reporting options give you clean timesheets every time.

Manage Several Locations

Clothing retail staff scheduling often requires managers to create shifts for employees at several different store locations. ShiftPlanning lets you manage several locations with one account.

The retail industry is an incredibly difficult one for managers, especially those who are responsible for scheduling store employees. Having to manage both full-time and part-time staff, usually over several different store locations, can really be a huge undertaking.

But it’s not if you are using ShiftPlanning. Your entire clothing retail staff scheduling process will suddenly take only an hour instead of an entire day. You’ll never have to worry about conflicting shifts or being under or overstaffed at any time. Out highly intuitive software recognizes any and all errors you might have made when scheduling and alerts you of them immediately.

ShiftPlanning also gives your staff more autonomy, which not only makes them happier, but also makes your job easier. Thanks to the collaborative nature of the clothing retail staff scheduling that ShiftPlanning affords you, staff can now trade shifts among themselves without involving you in the process, saving you time and unnecessary stress.

Create error free schedules quickly and effortlessly while enhancing the way in which you manage your retail store from top to bottom.

We’ve helped hundreds of clothing stores and various other retailers schedule their staff better, we can help you too.

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“I would highly recommend ShiftPlanning to other people.
It saves so many problems all around.”

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