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How to Praise Your Employees Effectively

Believe it or not, there are incorrect and detrimental ways of praising your staff.


5 Under-the-Radar Productivity Tools to Check Out

Here’s a list of very cool, slightly less popular productivity tools you should check out if you’re having problems staying on task (and we’re sure...


SEO Tips Every Restaurant Needs to Implement on Their Website

If you want to gain more publicity for your restaurant and get more customers through the door, you’ll want to do a little SEO for...


What to Expect From the Generation Z Workforce

A new generation of workers? Already? What happened to the Millennials?


What the New Overtime Rules Mean for Your Small Business

How will the Department of Labor’s ruling impact you and your small business?


Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Host or Hostess

Hosts and hostesses might not be carrying dishes, taking orders or preparing the food, but they are, nevertheless, an integral part of any restaurant's staff....


Internal Communication Tips for Small Businesses

Internal communication is incredibly important when it comes to running a small business.


What You Need to Know About Employee Empowerment

Having an empowered staff should really be the ultimate goal of any employer.


Looking on the Bright Side of Firing Bad Employees

Look on the bright side. Here are some great things that can result from cutting ties with terrible employees as soon as possible.


Getting the Most Out of Your Hourly Employees

One of the biggest mistakes business owners make when managing hourly workers is that they view them as being expendable. But if you want to make...

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