Staff Scheduling Software for Call Centers


How ShiftPlanning Helps Your Call Center Business

    Efficient Scheduling

  • Save time

    handle all aspects of workforce management with one tool.

  • Save money

    eliminate unnecessary overtime costs.

  • Team separation

    easily create separate schedules for each sector or team.

    Improved Employee Retention

  • Automatic tracking of employee preferences

    schedules around each employee’s individual shift preferences.

  • Ensures adequate staff

    always have enough staff working at all times.

  • Empowers employees

    staff can arrange shift swaps electronically without involving a manager.

    Better Communication

  • SMS notification system

    employees receive SMS text notifications about scheduling and shifts.

  • Detailed employee performance reports

    give management ability to make wise staffing decisions.

  • Control over shifts at a glance

    managers can see and control shift swaps, vacations, and open shifts in real time.

Time is money in any business, but this is especially true for those who own and manage a call center business. Scheduling work shifts and managing your call center representatives can present quite the challenge and take up huge blocks of time.

There is a better way – ShiftPlanning scheduling software.

ShiftPlanning is a workforce management application that provides you with a customizable, streamlined way to schedule, track, and communicate with your call center representatives. Try a free trial version of ShiftPlanning today and stop wasting time and money.


ShiftPlanning has helped other call centers and we can do the same for yours.

Savoury Chef Foods Catering Company

Savoury Chef Foods began in 2005 as a personal chef agency that quickly grew into a full service catering business. They’ve catered events for famous politicians, presidents, Hollywood
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Wasabi Group

Founded in 1999 with six employees, the Wasabi Group now boasts three locations and over 80 employees. The restaurant, begun by three friends in Manitoba, Canada, has a mission of creating a new concept of Japanese cuisine.
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Jersey City Food Co-Op Board

Jersey City Food Co-Op Board has been around since 2009. The company is a food co-operative in Jersey City, New Jersey. They have to staff the regular food pickups, as well as various events, and meetings that are held by our many committees.
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Wardenburg Health Center

Wardenburg Health Center is the public health division of the university health center since 1988. They have 14-16 paid student employees, 6 professional staff, 5 interns and 16 volunteers.
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What our customers have to say

    • From reducing or staff to spending less time on the phones, we saw the savings almost immediately. Knowing that the right people show up at the right place to provide our quality service gives us an ease of mind that is much needed in our fast-paced hospitality industry

      – Taryn Wa – Savoury Chef

ShiftPlanning in action

  • When it comes to owning and operating a call center business, time is money. When it comes down to the task of scheduling work shifts for your call center representatives, unless you're utilizing ShiftPlanning state-of-the-art online employee scheduling software, you're wasting time and money.

    ShiftPlanning packs the high-tech punch that call center owners demand in their staff scheduling programing. Completely customizable, ShiftPlanning can be set up to automate and streamline every bit of criteria that is part and parcel to running a profitable call center. ShiftPlanning will free you and your team to drive more sales.


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