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Create Perfect Work Schedules In Minutes With ShiftPlanning

Smarter Scheduling

Call center staff scheduling doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Take your shifts to the cloud and create perfect work schedules in minutes instead of hours.

Keep Tabs on Staff Attendance

Keeping track of employee attendance has never been easier. ShiftPlanning allows you to set up terminals to define when and where your can employees clock in and out.

Lessen Your Workload

Make your call center staff scheduling a more collaborative process. Let your employees request shift trades and drops on their own to take some of the work off your plate.

Create Reports

Take all your data and create flawless timesheets for all your employees. Use this information to help speed up and optimize your payroll process as well.

Minimize Mistakes

If you’re still using Excel or pen and paper to assign shifts, your call center staff scheduling process is probably error-prone. ShiftPlanning alerts you of any and all shift conflicts to eliminate any chance of mistakes.

Manage Multiple Locations

Are you managing call centers at a number of different locations? No problem, ShiftPlanning allows you to integrate them all into your account.

Managing a call center operation is no easy task. There are commonly several locations to oversee and, of course, a variety of different shift types. A call center is the type of business that never sleeps, with people manning their desks at all hours of the day.

That’s why call center staff scheduling can often become confusing and overwhelming. But it truly does not have to be. With ShiftPlanning, you always have a clear overview, in real-time, of all your team’s shifts.

You are able to see in an instance who is working how many hours, identify needs, avoid conflicts, and simply schedule better. If your call center staff scheduling tool of choice is still an Excel spreadsheet, you are not keeping up with the times.

ShiftPlanning is an industry-leading online employee scheduling solution that has helped hundreds of companies avoid headaches when scheduling their staff. As a manager of a call center, there are many other things on your plate. Don’t waste more time than you need to on scheduling your staff.

We’ve helped call centers around the world manage their schedules better, let us help you too.

Jeff Zisner - Aegis Security

“If you can save tons of thousands of dollars by implementing an online system that makes your employees happy, then there is no reason not to go for it.”

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