26 Aug

5 Tips for Creating Great Customer Loyalty Programs

Customer loyalty programs are popular for one simple reason: research has shown that . Marketing experts are well aware of the fact that it’s going to be a lot cheaper to engage a customer who has already done business with you to do so again than it will be to get someone who has never […]

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20 Aug

7 Great Mobile Apps for Nurses

Being a nurse is one of the most demanding jobs on the face of the planet. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that many tools have been developed to help nurses perform their tasks with confidence and serve us all to the best of their abilities. Specifically, the market for nursing and health-related mobile apps […]

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12 Aug

5 Tips for Effective Brand Storytelling

While brand storytelling is definitely not a new concept when it comes to advertising, it has taken on very different forms for marketers with the explosion and importance of online content marketing and social media. And while marketing gurus of old were very well versed in fiction writing and storytelling, as it was a part […]

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04 Aug

10 Tips for Creating Better Customer Surveys

You’re probably being bombarded with surveys on a weekly basis from a variety of business and services on a regular basis, right? How many of them do you actually sit down and answer? The answer is probably, “not many.” That’s because a vast majority of customer surveys are put together hastily and sloppily. It’s as […]

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30 Jul

Infographic: The Summer Productivity Slump

No matter what vertical your company is in, experiencing a decrease in the productivity of your workers during the summer is something that’s hard to avoid. Why does productivity fall off so drastically when the weather gets warmer? Is there anything that employers can do to thwart the summer slump?  

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