The idea for ShiftPlanning was conceived in early 2009 after the simple question was asked:

"Why is the business I work for still using Excel to manage our schedules?"

ShiftPlanning, just as all successful startups, was created to fill a strong need that nobody was serving. For years, most businesses relied on pen and paper, excel spreadsheets and lots and lots of headache medication to ensure their staff showed up on time for work with happy smiles all over their faces.

Ask any HR manager or entrepreneur what drives them the most crazy about their day to day activities and most will say,... "dealing with my employees, hiring them, training them, paying them and sometimes firing them". Workforce management is something that every business needs to master and everybody needs helping hand in this critical business area of expertise.

ShiftPlanning was founded on the premise that online scheduling would reduce the time it took to schedule via other methods by 80%, which means less cost and more time for managers and entrepreneurs to succeed in other facets of their business. Add in shift trading and swapping, time and attendance functionality, training,learning management modules, vacation management tools, employee collaboration tools, document storage, payroll integration and other workforce management tools and voila, a hugely successful recipe.

Our core business principle is to be the best and be different enough for people to want to try and stay with us. We likely have the highest customer retention stats in the industry because we listen to the needs of our clients. We provide FREE 7-day trials to everyone. No Account set up fees. Low monthly payments and no contracts unless you want one. 24/7/365 Live support. FREE training. FREE upgrades. Cancel your account ANY time.

Unparalleled Functionality, Ease-of-Use & Support

We are continually adapting ShiftPlanning to make it more intuitive and beneficial to our customers by developing features and functionality designed to provide further workforce management automation and flexibility (see our roadmap).

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