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Decrease the time it takes to schedule your staff from hours to minutes. Eliminate shift conflicts, notify employees of work shifts automatically, avoid human error and produce perfect timesheets every month.

Time Clock & Attendance

Keep track of employee time and attendance behavior easily. Get better insights into employee attendance and monitor clock behavior to put an end to tardiness and absenteeism.

Human Resources

Centralize your staff training, vacation and HR documentation. Use ShiftPlanning to easily train and onboard new staff. Collect, store, file and easily reference all your important HR documents in one place.


Process staff payroll online with the click of a button. Create perfect timesheets devoid of human error to eliminate over or underpaying staff. Pull reports in real time and print or export them quickly.

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Over 40,000 workplaces Trust Us

Absolutely, I will recommend ShiftPlanning to others, and I would tell them the robustness of their system, how simple it is to use, how easy it is to use.

Jennifer Hessrick

Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

Why ShiftPlanning? If you can save thousands of dollars by implementing an online system that makes your employees happy, then there is no reason not to go for it.

Jeff Zisner

Aegis Security

I would definitely recommend ShiftPlanning to other companies. Their software streamlines all your HR processes.

Jeremy Guay

DC Dental Group

ShiftPlanning is Available Anywhere You Have an Internet Connection

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Incredibly simple interface and intelligent communication platform saves time and money while improving employee accountability.

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Make changes and updates to the work schedule anytime from your Android or iPhone. Fill open shifts in seconds.

Spend Less

Plan your payroll expenses and overtime in real-time. Instantly see how many hours and dollars are being scheduled.

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